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What's new?

MAR 24, 2020
WineAdds now speaks Spanish
Spanish translation for main sections of the website
FEB 18, 2020
New menu look and vineyard section
New menu look for better space utilisation as well as a vineyard section with pesticide calculator
NOV 28, 2019
Helpful sheets
Sheets added for download: Deacidification, Metric Equivalents, Red Juice Additions, Wine Bottle Conversions.
NOV 19, 2019
Stay up to date
You can now join wineadds to stay up to date on new features and special offers.
NOV 12, 2019
Remember Selected Unit Options
Options selected during calculations are now remembered between sessions.
OCT 25, 2019
New Look!
WineAdds is now managed by vintrace. The web and mobile versions have been updated with vintrace styling. Some minor fixes to improve usability.